West Arm and West Bay of Lake Nipissing

Fishing West bay and arm

Lake Nipissing boasts numerous large bays located at various points over its entirety. West Bay is one of the largest bays found on the most west end of the big part of the lake. The bay itself consists of numerous smaller bays, hundreds of islands, large areas of open water, plenty of rock shoals and several creeks. The average depth of the bay is approximately 12 feet with the deeper portion found in the channels located on the south shore side. These channels provide the primary navigational route for most boaters. On the extreme west end of West Bay the lake narrows into what is called the West Arms. This area is very similar the the French River. It is a slow moving river system with depths reaching nearly 80 feet. As mentioned above, since West Bay / West Arm consists of many bays, creeks, channels, islands and rock shoals it becomes is a prime region for exceptional fishing.

Common Fish Species

  • Yellow Pickerel / Walleye
  • Northern Pike
  • Bass
  • Musky

Fishing Areas & Maps

Let's breakdown West Bay and the West Arms into fishing areas, describe them and tell you where and how to fish these honey holes.

West Arm West Bay